Structure – it’s just not about being organized.  

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When someone says structure, what comes to mind?

For many, the word structure conjures imagery of XLS tables and MS Word docs. This sort of structure provides the framework for the tasks, jobs and interactions we have during our day, helping hold it all together, giving us rules of engagement, reference points, and markers that allows us to lead modern lives.

In a packaging design context, the word Structure, although different than the above application and description, does indeed hold it all together. Structure in this context is the container that holds a product, or “good”, for use or for sale.

In other words, a Structure is a container; dispenser, can, pouch, bag or bottle that holds a product.

In a consumer product context, the container structure must satisfy some basic requirements and functions. It has to safely hold the product, in a way that allows it to be transported and dispensed. It has to meet some basic, yet very important engineering requirements.

Engineering you might ask? Imagine, if a bottle container wasn’t up to specific engineering and technical material standards. If not up to a predefined “spec”, it could lead to leaking or stacked palettes of product collapsing in warehouses, or during shipment, in a word, disaster.

So from one perspective a container structure has to work and be safe. The structure has to be able to hold the product through manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, use and storage, and that doesn’t happen by accident. Not only has the structure got to be “sound” it also has to look great, and in context of the products surrounding it.

For a consumer packaged good, the supermarket is a tough crowded hyper-competitive place. Our clients are always on the lookout for new ways of differentiating and enhancing shelf side communications. One of the best ways of differentiating your product at POS is through the use of a proprietary or unusual container structure.

Log Cabin syrup, Mrs. Butterworth syrup, Krazy Glue, Listerine, Scope, Quaker State, are just a few of the brands that have leveraged the power of tactile differentiation by using unique container structures. Pick one of these brands up and you KNOW what you’ve got in your hands, even if your eyes are closed.

Yes, the packaging costs are higher in the near term due to mold costs and the necessary modification of production machinery, but eventually, they too are amortized and when the dust settles, the brand is left with a distinguished packaging presentation that stands proudly at shelf and easily differentiates itself from the competitive array.

Structure, it is not just for organizing your day!

The Biondo Group

The Biondo Group takes on a great cause, Alzheimer’s.

The 32nd annual Rita Hayworth Gala, chaired by Daryl Simon, was held on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

Founder of the Biondo Group, Charles Biondo one of the participating sponsors, was thrilled to report that the event was a great success, raising over $2.2 million for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Alzheimer’s is one of those insidious diseases that robs both the victim and the family emotionally, stealing the joy of aging together. We can’t think of one single person who has not been affected by Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. Amongst the Biondo team as well as our client teams, nearly everyone has a story to tell in terms of Alzheimer’s, none of them happy.

Needless to say, we are glad to support this event, not only does Alzheimer’s strike close to home, but it is a non-partisan cause all of us can rally around, clear on our collective purpose.

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Romanzi
Charles Biondo and Maureen Putnam (Hain Celestial)

One of the Biondo Group’s Account Directors, Louise Calo, has been deeply affected by Alzheimer’s, and in response to our supporting this event wrote the following, that was included in the Gala playbill.

Each day we watch them slip further away
For in their minds they’ve become a child at play

We stand there in helpless anguish and despair
Because we know their minds are beyond repair

We hope and we pray for a miracle each  day
That research and prayer will find a way

To end this terrible debilitating disease
And put their minds and our at ease

Be kind, be generous, be grateful each day

Biondo Group: we howl, we prowl (and for a darn good cause!)

This Fall, the Biondo Group held an event that’s near and dear to our hearts: the 2015 Howl & Prowl. Most of our team are animal lovers and are aware of the homeless animal problem. We decided to do something to help our furry and owner-dependent friends.

The Howl & Prowl present the community with an opportunity to get to know and snuggle with our 4-legged friends that are looking for their “forever homes”. In addition to meeting and greeting the animals, there are events such as a Pumpkin carving contests for children.

If you’d like to know more about the Howl & Prowl (or even host your own), please let us know.

2015 Howl & Prowl
2015 Howl & Prowl
2015 Howl & Prowl
2015 Howl & Prowl
2015 Howl & Prowl


Welcome to the Biondo Group

The Biondo Group is happy to introduce, our blog. Concurrently, we’ve moved our website to a modern, fast loading, mobile friendly, easy to manage, CMS friendly platform: WordPress.

Why now?

After 50 years in business, we’ve seen our fair share of change, won our fair share of awards, garnered our fair share of kudos and recognition, and have seen many of our clients move on to do great things. Over time we’ve seen the brands we work on become iconic.

We are the last of the owner-operated, independent design firms that defined the industry of brand identity and product packaging design. We haven’t merged, we haven’t grown past the point where we can personally get to know and serve our clients, and our team has stayed put – we’ve had almost no turnover for the last 10 years. Our stability is part of what sets us apart and makes our work distinctive.

Why have we been quiet?
We are not PR hounds, chest thumpers or self-promoters.
Honestly, we’ve been busy working.

Why should you care?

We were recently reminded that there’s a new wave of product marketers who do not know us, our history of working with and helping invent iconic brands, or our reputation for straight talk and design innovation.

And that is why we’ve launched this blog.

We are re-introducing ourselves to Consumer Product marketers who are finding themselves in a retail environment that is evermore cluttered, competitive, and difficult to accommodate.

But we know, despite all of the above, that many purchasing decisions are made at point of sale, at the very last moment – and that packaging design, (as well as a host of other factors, to be honest) has a tremendous amount of influence on what goes in the basket and home with the shopper.

So we stay focused on accomplishing that simple task, standing out and “speaking to the customer” at point of sale. We don’t pretend to be expert at all facets of marketing; our turf is narrow and specific.

The Biondo Group specializes in developing hi-performance brand identity and packaging design systems, its what we do, its what we’ve always done.

Please call or email to discuss your next project, and sign up for our mailing list to keep up on our latest work.

Brand Story for Dolphin Organics and DO Naturals

Our work for Dolphin Organics and DO Naturals line of hair and skincare products was highlighted in Packaging of the World.

(you can read the article below)

Biondo Designs the Brand Story for Dolphin Organics (DO) and DO Naturals When organic foodies Nigel and Ayo Hart became frustrated in their search for natural and organic hair and skincare products for their twin baby girls they decided to develop their own brand.

The entrepreneurial couple approached The Biondo Group to create the visual story of Dolphin Organics, a line of organic shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, lotion and bubble bath for infants and toddlers, and the brand extension for tweens, DO Naturals. “When we were asked to create the brand identity for Dolphin Organics, we recognized the importance of telling this new brand’s story if we were to persuade mothers who seek only the best for their babies and toddlers,” said Charles Biondo. “Because there is such confusion in the marketplace as to what ingredients are ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ and since Dolphin Organics contains nothing artificial, we decided to tell the story on the packaging itself.”

To convey the purity of Dolphin Organics products, Biondo dressed the line in bright white plastic bottles, each with a vibrant green top, as a reflection of the natural world. “We selected green because it is gender neutral and appeals to toddlers and moms,” said Charles Biondo. “This green looks very fresh, very organic, and fits perfectly with the brand image of Dolphin Organics.”

Next Biondo created a fun and friendly logo – two dolphins playfully positioned above a hand-lettered type treatment of ‘Dolphin Organics’ that floats above a wavy water line. On each bottle, the letter ‘o’ in Dolphin is color coded to match the product: purple for baby shampoo & bodywash, pink for bubble bath, yellow for baby lotion, green for hair conditioner. “We wanted each product to be stimulating, youthful and most importantly to convey ‘fun’,” added Biondo. Biondo used the package front to tell the Dolphin Organics story.

A whimsical icon precedes each product benefit – a fish before “What’s best for your baby is found in nature,” followed by a starfish, a seahorse, and a crab – between statements. The back panel of each Dolphin Organics bottle clearly spells out the product benefits in a chart with three easy-to-read ingredient categories – Organic, Natural and Artificial. The last column ‘Artificial’ is empty. The back also carries the marks of organic certifications, spelling out exactly what this product means for the health conscious consumer. –

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