With increasing awareness of how vital gut health is to optimal health and development, parents’ demand for prebiotic baby and toddler food products is surging. In response, Beech-Nut® Nutrition Company is rolling out a two-stage line-up, including the first-to-market jarred baby food with prebiotics. The products are Organic Prebiotics Fruit & Yogurt in jars for babies and Smoothies with Prebiotics in pouches for toddlers.

Beech-Nut Prebiotic products

With a 90-year heritage of providing quality baby food, the Beech-Nut® name is trusted and well-known for delivering nutritional and natural products as good as homemade. These new entrants are made with premium, pure ingredients, supporting the brand’s global positioning, “Nourish with Nature.”  

Biondo Group was selected to create a clean, contemporary look for the four-SKU line-up to stand out within Beech-Nut’s mega-SKU system. Still, it was essential that these offerings be recognizable to Beech-Nut’s strong loyalists and express the brand’s values—quality, naturality, purity, and flavor.

“Our package design for both jars and pouches succinctly communicates the product’s prebiotic attributes and Beech-Nut’s recognizable brand equities in a split second both on the shelf and online. We started with a clean slate, using the brand’s primary green color and iconic tree visual,” said Charles Biondo of the Biondo Group.

With the Organic Prebiotic Fruit & Yogurt jars, the Beech-Nut logo was strategically reduced in size to help emphasize the product’s prebiotic attributes and flavor offerings. The bold, fresh ingredient photography and lively yogurt “splash” visually express the health and flavor benefits.

“In designing the Smoothie with Prebiotics pouches, we aimed to convey a more playful personality for the toddlers. The fresh, vibrant fruit and smoothie photography communicated texture and taste but also clearly differentiated these products from the current pouch line,” said Kevin Lenahan of the Biondo Group.

The initial roll-out includes four SKU’s:

  • Organic Fruit & Yogurt Jars with Prebiotics
    Banana Berry
    Banana Orange


  • Smoothies with Prebiotics
    Apple, Kiwi, Cherry, Purple Carrot & Yogurt
    Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit & Yogurt