Manitoba Harvest Superseed Oatmeal

Millennials are leading the mega-movement toward attaining holistic health – where food, fitness, and mental wellness are intertwined. In the breakfast arena, the pendulum has swung dramatically – away from ultra-processed, empty-calorie products. These young adults are ditching big cereal names in droves and actively seeking real, nutritional food to nourish “all of me” – body, brain, and soul, as well as to sustain our environment – while still delivering on taste and convenience.

To attract this more mindful set and become their conscious brand of choice, this Spring, Manitoba Harvest is rolling out a revolutionary new offering – Instant Superseed Oatmeal. The line’s point-of-difference (POD) lies in its unique blend of quality oats and power-packed Hemp seed. 

  1. Hemp is widely popular now and is used to deliver holistic wellness and environmental benefits.
  2. Seeds—pumpkin, sunflower, flax, and chai—are all trending strong. A seed is a plant embryo surrounded by endosperm (nutrition for the little plant) until it reaches the sun and soil. 
  3. Hemp seed is the hero. It is exceptionally nutritious – high in protein, fiber, and Omega 3&6. It delivers Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc.

Biondo Group partnered with the leading global hemp food marketer (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray Brands) to create an optimistic, vibrant brand look that resonates with these active shoppers. Manitoba Harvest Instant Superseed Oatmeal needed to stand out from aggressive competitors and express the product’s newness – it is a compelling story. 

“We selected a bright color palette and sunrise circle backdrop to express the line’s happy and honest earth personality. Hand-drawn icons – which depict multi-levels of wellness – are a bit quirky; they draw the shopper into a personal connection. The Manitoba Harvest logo is center-placed; it is an effective call-back to the brand architecture,” said Charles Biondo, CEO and founder of Biondo Group. 

A close-in product shot enhances appetite appeal and works with the offering’s promise of “real, nutrient-rich food providing you energy to power through the day.” 

Manitoba Harvest Instant Superseed Oatmeal will be sold in individual-serving 6-packs. The line will initially include three popular flavors: Original, Maple & Brown Sugar, and Apple & Cinnamon. 

“We created an ownable line look that is extendable into new flavors and an array of innovative products. It’s quite exciting,” adds Charles Biondo.