Spectrum® is owned by the Hain Celestial Group. Hain Celestial is a leading natural and organic food products company that competes in many food product categories.

The Biondo Group works extensively within the Spectrum Brand portfolio and has graphically repositioned several brand offerings, in this case Peanut Oil.

Our design objectives, working with Peanut Oil were to:

  1. Contemporize the overall look and feel of the packaging graphics
  2. Communicate superior ingredients, superior quality
  3. Allow for visual consistency across the segments of the Oil line
  4. Incorporate a new simpler, one color brand mark

The Biondo Group design solution featured:

  1. Strengthened front panel design architecture
  2. Ingredient focused photography
  3. Stronger, more legible typography
  4. New certification communications
  5. New, simpler Brand Identity