A Successful Partnership

reunion website

The Biondo Group and Reunion Foods have come together to form a successful partnership with the design of Reunion Foods’ new packaging and web site.

Jessica, Ben and Seth Mosner founded Reunion Foods based on their family history of building positive lifestyles through their relationships with the environment and food. They are a family-owned new generation animal protein company that combines 60 years of experience with a passion and commitment to animal welfare, environmental stewardship and healthy living.

The Biondo Group’s introduction to the Reunion Foods brand was with a single club store package wrapper. The success of this initial package led us to work with the Reunion family on their retail product packaging for pork, beef and lamb.

With learnings from our packaging experience, we developed a new exciting website that represented Reunion’s philosophy and mantra – Quality with Conscience.

Each page was designed to visually tell the Reunion Foods story from cherished family memories to their ranchers’ pride in animal welfare and the sustainability of their pastures. Smooth scrolling allows the viewer to navigate the site easily. The color pallet and type treatment has strong recall to Reunion’s packaging graphics and reinforces the brand’s personality. The site draws the viewer in to explore and learn more about the Reunion Foods brand and product line.

Become part of both the Reunion Foods and Biondo Group Families. To learn more, take a look at our websites.

For great organic meats visit: http://www.reunionfoods.com

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Sun, sand, and Daily’s frozen ready-to-drink cocktails…a mini vacation without the sunburn!

Daily's Tropical Pouches

After a review of Daily’s core frozen cocktail offerings, The Biondo Group, along with Harvest Hill Beverage Co., set out to refresh and reposition the complete line to reflect an overall tropical sense of place, while maintaining individualized cocktail colors and flavor cues. The packaging architecture provides strong flavor differentiation, while utilizing appetizing product imagery. The iconic Daily’s brand mark was contrasted with the “beachy” background to add layering to the total package.

“Since the repositioning, Daily’s has maintained the #1 leadership position in the ready-to-drink pouch cocktail category.” Greg Riley, Senior Brand Manager Harvest Hill Beverage Co.

So create your own tiki bar with friends, or just relax & sway in your hammock while enjoying any one of the 13 tropical flavors from Daily’s Frozen Cocktails! Easy to freeze, squeeze & enjoy!™

To find out more about the Daily’s Frozen Cocktails, visit: http://www.dailyscocktails.com.

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Sprout Organic Foods continues to innovate with launch of Organic Crinklez!

Is your toddler’s ready to explore new tastes and crunchy textures? Whole Foods Market predicted that puffed and popped snacks will be a major trend in the coming year. Sprout Organic Foods is continuing to be on-point with their new toddler introduction – Organic Crinklez.

The Biondo Group working with Sprout’s team, explored 3 different positioning options for Crinklez:

  1. Close-in to their existing toddler snack line.
  2. More playful and fun that emphasized the new product shape.
  3. Plant powered and vegetable based RTB to be emphasized.

The final design incorporated the best of all three directions. The strong color coded leaf pattern running vertically has strong recall to base line Toddler, the plant powered button reinforces the plant/vegetable based communication, and the Crinklez logo added fun with its lettering style and Crinklez stick incorporated into the logo. The central flavor name, positioned in the fun shape, reinforced the product shape. Overall, the graphic reassures Moms that this snack is both healthy and nutritious, while still being fun.

“Our Organic Crinklez package is a delicious veggie snack popped with colorful carrots, spinach and beets that you can see in every bite. The easy to hold, fun shape and the crunchy texture is sure to be a hit with both toddlers and their Moms. The Biondo Group’s package design clearly addresses all levels of communication for Sprout’s on-going mission to help parents raise healthy and adventurous eaters.” (Sunita Adams – VP Marketing, Sprout Organic Foods Inc.)

To learn more about Sprout’s commitment to transparency and innovation using the cleanest whole organic ingredients visit http://www.sproutorganicfoods.com/

And a big congratulations to the Sprout team! Crinklez was a winner in the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards; http://www.nappaawards.com

For more examples of creating shelf impact, visit http://biondogroup.com

Brand Story for Dolphin Organics and DO Naturals

Our work for Dolphin Organics and DO Naturals line of hair and skincare products was highlighted in Packaging of the World.

(you can read the article below)

Biondo Designs the Brand Story for Dolphin Organics (DO) and DO Naturals When organic foodies Nigel and Ayo Hart became frustrated in their search for natural and organic hair and skincare products for their twin baby girls they decided to develop their own brand.

The entrepreneurial couple approached The Biondo Group to create the visual story of Dolphin Organics, a line of organic shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, lotion and bubble bath for infants and toddlers, and the brand extension for tweens, DO Naturals. “When we were asked to create the brand identity for Dolphin Organics, we recognized the importance of telling this new brand’s story if we were to persuade mothers who seek only the best for their babies and toddlers,” said Charles Biondo. “Because there is such confusion in the marketplace as to what ingredients are ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ and since Dolphin Organics contains nothing artificial, we decided to tell the story on the packaging itself.”

To convey the purity of Dolphin Organics products, Biondo dressed the line in bright white plastic bottles, each with a vibrant green top, as a reflection of the natural world. “We selected green because it is gender neutral and appeals to toddlers and moms,” said Charles Biondo. “This green looks very fresh, very organic, and fits perfectly with the brand image of Dolphin Organics.”

Next Biondo created a fun and friendly logo – two dolphins playfully positioned above a hand-lettered type treatment of ‘Dolphin Organics’ that floats above a wavy water line. On each bottle, the letter ‘o’ in Dolphin is color coded to match the product: purple for baby shampoo & bodywash, pink for bubble bath, yellow for baby lotion, green for hair conditioner. “We wanted each product to be stimulating, youthful and most importantly to convey ‘fun’,” added Biondo. Biondo used the package front to tell the Dolphin Organics story.

A whimsical icon precedes each product benefit – a fish before “What’s best for your baby is found in nature,” followed by a starfish, a seahorse, and a crab – between statements. The back panel of each Dolphin Organics bottle clearly spells out the product benefits in a chart with three easy-to-read ingredient categories – Organic, Natural and Artificial. The last column ‘Artificial’ is empty. The back also carries the marks of organic certifications, spelling out exactly what this product means for the health conscious consumer. –

See more at: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2014/02/dolphin-organics.html#sthash.27PlQsKy.dpuf