Still Life: Design & Production @ The Biondo Group
At the Biondo Group, despite our work being produced in a digital workflow, we still we find a use for these packaging design and production artifacts. It’s interesting that as much as we distance ourselves from the analog age, we still need and find use for the tools of that era.

Hand skills used to be one of the defining characteristics of a talented, capable designer. The ability to take an idea and craft a representation of it, either graphic or 3D is important for the design process. One of the hallmarks of a talented designer was their ability to craft, using their hands: mock-ups and representation of an idea. This necessity was also an indication of a designers depth, as the ability to execute in a neat and tidy manner is one of the things that determines quality and ability.

The digital age
Alas, the digital age has negated the skills that once upon a time were so crucial for satisfying ones job. We’ve noticed that a lack in hand skills also translates somewhat to the ability to produce and execute in a neat, timely and orderly manner. But even in today’s digital age there are designers who take pride in their handwork ability, and those are the talented folks we like to associate with.