Daily's Poptails

Daily’s Poptails’ debut attracts attention with a break-out look, expressing the line’s exuberant spirit. Harvest Hill partnered with The Biondo Group to create the package design for this fun, innovative new Daily’s cocktail solution – boozy freezer pops.

Charles Biondo, founder of The Biondo Group and CEO said “Our creative challenge was to project this next-level offering’s happy personality while also depicting the product’s cold, frosty attributes and adult tone.”

Brand equity was maintained with the strong black Daily’s background. Graphic touches of frost and a strong visual of the pops sets the brand apart on shelf from the competition. The individual foil wrappers clearly communicate the flavors and mouth-watering goodness of juicy watermelon, luscious strawberries and the tangy green apples.

The project includes three individual sleeves, a variety pack carton, and a complimentary outer shipper which used white to maximize impact of the variety pack carton at point of sale.