Thank you to Graphic Design USA and Natural Products Expo West 2019, for selecting our Gut Connection package design for both a GDUSA 2019 Health + Wellness Design Award and a 2019 NEXTY Editors’ Choice Award!
The Country Life® team partnered with The Biondo Group to create a package design system for the launch of Gut Connection™ – a revolutionary range of supplements in the emerging prebiotic category .The products leverage the latest scientific findings which connect the gut and its microbiome to individual aspects of health.

The packaging communicates this new brand’s compelling research-based story as well as its unique benefits. The line consists of 8 varieties, each one offering a separate health solution (i.e. weight management, improved mood and mental clarity).

“We used clean graphics and bold colors to design a powerful brand block on-shelf, while also clearly differentiating products. The design also works in the online shopping environment; we created an infographic icon which quickly communicates the “gut to brain connection” theme – even in thumbnail size. To capitalize on the Country Life® brand equity, we used the recognized yellow logo and ribbon across the SKU’s, further unifying the system,” said Charles Biondo.

“Our packaging truly looks phenomenal and was well-received by anyone who saw it at Expo West. Retailers were very complimentary and have begun to accept the Gut Connection™ product line for their stores. We are thrilled to receive the NEXTY Editor’s Choice Award and believe our packaging was a part of this success story,” Donna Iannucci, Chief Marketing Officer of Country Life®

Congratulations to our talented team and Country Life Vitamins for setting us up for success on this project.