Sun, sand, and Daily’s frozen ready-to-drink cocktails…a mini vacation without the sunburn!

Daily's Tropical Pouches

After a review of Daily’s core frozen cocktail offerings, The Biondo Group, along with Harvest Hill Beverage Co., set out to refresh and reposition the complete line to reflect an overall tropical sense of place, while maintaining individualized cocktail colors and flavor cues. The packaging architecture provides strong flavor differentiation, while utilizing appetizing product imagery. The iconic Daily’s brand mark was contrasted with the “beachy” background to add layering to the total package.

“Since the repositioning, Daily’s has maintained the #1 leadership position in the ready-to-drink pouch cocktail category.” Greg Riley, Senior Brand Manager Harvest Hill Beverage Co.

So create your own tiki bar with friends, or just relax & sway in your hammock while enjoying any one of the 13 tropical flavors from Daily’s Frozen Cocktails! Easy to freeze, squeeze & enjoy!™

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