Experience Matters…

For over 50 Years

the Biondo Group has

designed packaging systems

for America’s most iconic

packaged goods brands.

Packaging Designers: Prepared for Success

One of the jobs of an Account Manager or Client Manager at The Biondo Group is insuring that the creative folk, the designers, have all of the information that they need to succeed when they head out “on a project”. Heading out on a design exploration is akin to an... read more

Unilever has enjoyed a working relationship with The Biondo Group for over ten years. The Biondo Group offers a unique VIBE™ process and approaches each project from a strategic and integrated vision. They are creative, dependable, and definitely our “go-to” resource when we need a full service organization that not only delivers the packaging design, but also, all point-of-sale displays, collateral materials, and digital selling collateral materials as well.

Harry Haubert

Senior Design Strategist, Unilever

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