Winner, Winner…Smash, Seriously Indulgent, Darty Dinner!

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We usually don’t like to pat ourselves on the back, but for 3, yes 3, 2018 American Package Design Awards well certainly make an exception.

We would like to thank the academy, Graphic Design USA, for the honors that we share with our valued clients on these projects; Sprout Organic Foods, Hain Refrigerated Foods and Harvest Hill.

And, to our design team, you’ve made a splash, so lets Darty!

Now if you’ll excuse us, were already working on the next ones.

Here’s a look at what all the hubbub is about:

Sprout SMASH product line

Client: Sprout Organic Foods
Project: Sprout Smash
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Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt product line

Client: Hain Refrigerated Foods
Project: Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt
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Darty Product Line

Client: Harvest Hill
Project: Darty Wine Specialty Cocktail
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Sprout Foods Organic “Smash” pouches – New Product Launch

Looking for a healthy, organic on-the-go snack for your family? Look no further than Sprout Foods line of Organic “Smash” pouches! Sprout Foods, Inc., who manufactured the first organic baby food in a pouch, has extended their commitment to wholesome nutrition for the whole family. Using the same convenient twist off and resealable pouch, they introduced Sprout Organic ‘SMASH.’ The line consists of Fruits, Super Grains & Veggie Snacks in 4 descriptive flavors including Amazin’ Apple Raisin, Tropical Twist, Berry Blast and Very Banana Berry.

Sprout Foods asked The Biondo Group to design a fun package that appealed to kids (6-12) and adults. The graphics needed to maintain Sprout’s high-quality standards and white package equity while conveying an edgy, playful feeling. Dynamic splats of color were used for strong visual impact and flavor differentiation. The splat, while fun for kids, incorporated beautiful visuals of fruits and vegetables to reinforce the healthy, nutritional benefits important to Moms. The white background allowed the colorful graphics to “pop” off the package. The pouch graphics were adapted to multipack cartons that included “Mom” copy reinforcing the product benefits – Certified Organic, Non-GMO, made with 100% real fruits, vegetables, and grains, no concentrates, no added flavors or colors, and nothing artificial.

“Our Smash graphics are a great addition to Sprout’s growing portfolio of all-family products. Eye-catching, full of fun with great shelf impact, Moms can be assured that the product is great for their kid’s backpack and a healthy snack for them as well when they are on the go dropping the kids off at school activities or when they are on their way to the gym. Smash products fully embody Sprout’s Honesty Pledge as being made from whole organic foods and simple, clean ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen.” (Sunita Adams, VP of Marketing, Sprout Foods Inc.).

To find out more about “yummy, nutritious & healthy” Sprout Organic premium foods for babies, toddler and their families, as well as Sprout’s Honesty Pledge visit and for more examples of creating shelf impact with your product visit our web site:

The Biondo Group and Urban Wallace Associates join forces to strengthen Strategy arm

The Biondo Group is proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Urban Wallace Associates (UWA) on a Strategic Development initiative to strengthen our portfolio of services.

We will work together to offer our clients world-class marketing strategies and research in conjunction with award-winning packaging design – all under one roof.

“It is an honor to now be working with Urban Wallace Associates, a proven industry leader in developing Marketing Strategy”, said Charles Biondo, President/CEO of The Biondo Group. “Together we will provide our clients with pin-pointed reasons why they should or shouldn’t target specific audiences in their marketing efforts and develop effective creative packaging solutions that support those claims.” he continued.

UWA’s development of marketing strategies is based on Purchase Logic: an understanding of what drives the buying decisions of individual consumers.

Contact The Biondo Group today and let us unfold how we help you accomplish your Marketing goals – both strategically and visually!

Daily’s Cocktail Mixers

Harvest Hill Beverage Company and The Biondo Group collaborated in developing a new, more contemporary look for their existing line of Daily’s Cocktail Mixers. The imagery was to be premium, upscale and impactful in the cluttered and colorful competitive shelf environment.

The final direction created a strong brand block on shelf with distinctive flavor differentiation. The fresh ingredient photography reinforces the project’s design objectives to gain appetite appeal and point of differentiation – “made with real juice”. The individual garnishes and iced photography reinforces refreshment and SKU differentiation. Daily’s Cocktail Mixers are just what you need to impress your friends like a seasoned-pro mixology maven.

“Our new Daily’s design has a strong impact at retail and continues to be a favorite among professional bartenders. The packaging reinforces our premium quality and real ingredients.  It’s the mixer that makes it easy to create the prefect drink for any occasion,” said Ilene Bergenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at Harvest Hill Beverage Company.

The line consists of approximately 38 SKUs in a variety of sizes from 1 liter to 1 gallon.

Impress your friends with a refreshing, perfect drink by going to Daily’s Non-Alcoholic Mixers at: and to learn more about creating the perfect package visit our web site at: