TERRA Freeze Dried Real Fruit: packaging design system

The Biondo Design team was tasked with developing a packaging design system that would establish TERRA Freeze Dried Real Fruit as a quality subline of the TERRA brand.

Leveraging existing brand equities, we successfully developed a look that visually differentiated the TERRA Real Freeze Dried Fruit items from the rest of the Freeze Dried Fruit category and still retained the equities that were required.

Spectrum Organic Mayonnaise: packaging design & line extensions

Spectrum® offers a premium line of natural and organic culinary oils, vinegars, condiments and supplements made with high quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Spectrum brand management asked our design team to explore two-packaging design and line extension strategies for Spectrum Organic Mayonnaise, requiring that both be cohesive to Spectrum Organic branding.

The Biondo Group design team was  asked to consider specific criteria when developing these new products:

  1. To be part of the existing base line – Organic Mayonnaise/Light Mayonnaise
  2. The second direction is to step away from the base line skus and explore a more premium design that showcases the unique variety and ingredients

Rethinking Packaging Design Methodology

In this read we begin to take a look at the manner in which packaging design firms work.

Important considerations for a Client company looking for a packaging design firm are work style and process.

Design for business is a creative pursuit; it’s an iterative, process driven activity. One of the challenges every Design firm faces is in parsing its services into neat, clear, billable units. Design for business can be by its very “collaborative” nature – messy, with design and production activities, decisions, strategy, budget and thinking, all bleeding into one another.Read More