Daily’s Spiked Soda – New Product Launch

Daily’s Spiked Soda is a new line of fruit-flavored carbonated alcohol beverages with branding created by The Biondo Group for American Beverage Corp.

The refreshing, fruity soda flavors, like Blood Orange were created for women who want great tasting, slightly sweeter, low alcoholic beverages.  Unlike many flavored malt beverages that taste more like a beer, Daily’s Spiked Sodas contains 5% alcohol, about the same as most beers, but has no malt aftertaste and is “fizzy, fruity,” and yes, definitely “fun.”

The other flavors in this unique new line of sparkling cocktails which rolled out are a bit more traditional – Lemon Lime, Cherry Cola, and Raspberry Ginger Ale. Still, they’re not exactly your grandmother’s rum and coke kind of spiked sodas!