Staying Positive: being a creative firm in a contentious world

We’ve seen a few Companies as of late tout their “no a*holes” policies, addressing hiring practices and new client engagements. In what has turned out to be a pretty darn contentious season, we are sensitive to things like this, and so our attention was piqued.

Why publicize a “no a*holes” policy?

We can only guess at what is driving this salty talk. Could it be a desire to differentiate themselves and their “philosophies” from their peer set and to be viewed as edgy and sharp?

It feels negative. It makes us uncomfortable. What does one look like?
Who of us is in a position to judge or identify someone as being one?
And if you don’t get the job or a call-back…well… have you been judged to be one?

As marketers we are all for differentiation and positioning, its what drives our work. We like sassy and salty – but we also like smart, and empathic – and we really like nice. We demonstrate through our work and process that we value our clients and relationships.

The marketing professionals that come through our door (or Inbox, as is more likely the case) are also met with respect and empathy. We’ve all been there: waiting for the opportunity to present our case.

In the 50 years we’ve been in business, we haven’t needed one of these policies.

The Biondo Group is positively charged and we’ve found that like attracts like, and so the clients and talent we’ve attracted share much of what interests and drives us forward – a passion for the work: great design and strategic marketing.

So when you work with the Biondo Group you will team up with some talented, passionate, strategic designers: good people, who work hard, stay positive and are in touch with consumer trends.

The Biondo Group team ascribes to what Frank Burns (from the “back-in-the-day” TV show MASH) said:
“It’s nice to be nice to the nice”.