Packaging Graphics Redesign: Spectrum Organic Olive Oil Spray


Spectrum® offers a premium line of natural and organic culinary oils, vinegars, condiments and supplements made with high quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.  The Biondo Group has worked extensively within the Spectrum Brand portfolio.


  • The brand wanted to improve its design architecture, unifying the categories
  • At POS, differentiating SKU’s within the line on shelf was difficult
  • The various oils needed to compete better within each of the individual oil categories:
    • Olive Oils (where we would be emphasizing premium)
    • Cooking Oils (where the job was one of presenting variety and differentiation)
    • Graphically communicate superior quality, premium value, variety, natural/organic ingredients


  • View change incrementally, so existing customers would not feel a disconnect, but would encourage new customers to consider the brand
  • Balance and reinforce the brands proposition of premium, natural/organic oils for all the consumers’ needs
  • Differentiate and tier the oils and vinegars for their individual categories:L basic Oils & Vinegars vs the more premium specialty Olive Oils and Vinegars


  • Contemporize the overall look and feel of the packaging graphics
  • Communicate a superior quality
  • Deliver visual consistency across the segments of the Oil line
  • Develop a visual language to communicate benefits

Our Solution featured:

  • Simplified and focused front panel design architecture
  • “Ingredient as hero” photography
  • Strong quality appearance and feel
  • Impactful, more legible typography
  • Implementation of a new, simpler Brand Identity

Spectrum Naturals: