Dream Redesign


Dream Non-Dairy Drinks
Create a design architecture that unified the entire product line while Differentiating between sub-categories, flavor variants, sizes and packaging structures. Establish a high impact brand block on shelf.
Create a system to communicate the Dream brand’s selling benefits: great tasting, healthy, all-natural, non-dairy alternatives.

Dream Gelato
Develop an upscale image for the mass markets first non-dairy gelato product line, marketed under the DREAM frozen desert brand umbrella with the communication objectives including: developing a packaging presentation which embraced sophistication, indulgent decadence and strong appetite appeal, all in a unique and refreshing way.

Dream Non-Dairy Desserts
Refresh of the packaging for the DREAM line of frozen non-dairy desserts and novelties to enhance presentation for DREAM brand by using bold, eye-catching packaging in visual alignment with other DREAM non-dairy beverage products. Standardize the packaging design elements across the line.

Hain Celestial