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Daily’s Cocktail Mixers

Harvest Hill Beverage Company and The Biondo Group collaborated in developing a new, more contemporary look for their existing line of Daily’s Cocktail Mixers. The imagery was to be premium, upscale and impactful in the cluttered and colorful competitive shelf environment.

The final direction created a strong brand block on shelf with distinctive flavor differentiation. The fresh ingredient photography reinforces the project’s design objectives to gain appetite appeal and point of differentiation – “made with real juice”. The individual garnishes and iced photography reinforces refreshment and SKU differentiation. Daily’s Cocktail Mixers are just what you need to impress your friends like a seasoned-pro mixology maven.

“Our new Daily’s design has a strong impact at retail and continues to be a favorite among professional bartenders. The packaging reinforces our premium quality and real ingredients.  It’s the mixer that makes it easy to create the prefect drink for any occasion,” said Ilene Bergenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at Harvest Hill Beverage Company.

The line consists of approximately 38 SKUs in a variety of sizes from 1 liter to 1 gallon.

Impress your friends with a refreshing, perfect drink by going to Daily’s Non-Alcoholic Mixers at: and to learn more about creating the perfect package visit our web site at:

Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent – New Product Launch


Hain Refrigerated Foods came to The Biondo Group to design a new premium yogurt under the Greek Gods’ umbrella brand. This new product line was positioned as a decadent, handcrafted, small batch anytime yogurt that could be used in place of rich and creamy ice cream desserts. It steps away from its low-fat yogurt alternatives. These yogurts are rich, decadent and anything but restrictive … they are Seriously Indulgent!

After several name generations, the Greek Gods and the Biondo team decided that the best name to describe the yogurt was “Seriously Indulgent.” The emphasis is on the word “indulgent” and an ownable Greek “E” was added. Graphics depict an elegant line and watercolor illustration that steps away from traditional yogurt packaging.

“The Seriously Indulgent package graphics clearly represent the new decadent flavors and creamy, rich indulgent yogurt texture. It’s not just an expansion of our current products but a new taste experience,” said Basel Nassar, Chief Operating Officer of Hain Refrigerated Foods.

Seriously Indulgent…. comes in sweet, tangy lemon, decadent marionberries, a mixture of spicy ginger with sweet raspberries, and luscious tart cherry flavors. Enjoy these single serve yogurts now. To learn more about Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurts go to:

New Product Launch – Darty!!!

“You Bring the Friends, We Make the Darty!”

The Biondo Group was asked by Harvest Hill to design a new beverage line, Darty, targeted to a younger consumer – 21+. The design is all about anytime fun and enjoyment, what you’d experience from a Darty Party. The Biondo Design team pulled inspiration from the current interest in “street art” to be disruptive on shelf and speak to a younger, hip lifestyle. Each flavor, while maintaining a strong central focus on the Darty logo, has its own bold colors and background patterns for shopability.

“We stepped away from our existing mainstream Daily’s Mixers and Frozen Cocktails, with this new ready-to-drink wine cocktail. The Biondo Group’s impactful Darty graphics can be carried through from the package, to point-of-sale displays, promotional materials, as well as our web site. It’s fun. It’s young. It’s an anytime Darty Party,” said Ilene Bergenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at Harvest Hill Beverage Company.

Now in-stores, just chill, serve and start your own Darty Party with 3 delicious flavors including the cool, crisp taste of Melon, the sweet taste of summer in Peach Tea and the bit sweet, bit tart but full of fun Berry Lemonade.

To learn more about Darty go to: and to learn more about us and how we can bring your brand to life visit us at: